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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A soNg oF SOuL " NaTUtuLoG ba AnG DyoS?!

This is something I would like to share.Something that will touch your heart.One song that was being sung by one of a kind talented kid whom captured and wowed the heart of America and some other countries.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's gOOd to be bAcK!

Helloooo everyone!Did you miss me?Oh you bet,I miss you all guys too.I was just in the verge of getting sick before from spending so much time over the computer.My body urged me to take a little rest from it or i will be regretful if I wont.So I followed my body instinct and I am glad I did.Now I feel so much better considering the fact that I spend so much quality times towards my family.I did'nt realized how my baby and babe missed me.Until I took time off then I knew how much they needed me.Though they never complained nor got mad however,I was ashamed of myself for egnoring them over blogging.I didn't mean I blamed blogging alright,but was slightly overboard last time from the fact of merely addicted.Now I bowed myself to do such for little by little.Not only for the sake of my family,household and my social life but also for the benifits of my health.
Meanwhile,I would like to share to you some of our fun while I was gone.We took few vacations.It was fun and now I am into reading.Although I don't make some bucks however,what I mADE from blogging was merely enough for headache pills.lol
Honestly,I miss blogging and I will be appearing more often though not as often as before.With good time balance and self discepline.Maybe an hour or two a day will be plentiful.So guys,my time limit is off for now so I will park my typing here and I promise to pay you a visit next time I'm in.CiAo everyone.!

Monday, August 11, 2008


I can hardly believe it.I've been out from my computer for over 2 days.I made it yehey!If my baby's car seat was just at my car now,I wouldn't be here either.I was planning to go somewhere just to get out from the house with the baby and enjoy the outside weather,but my baby's car seat is at my husband car.We used his car from our family rant yesterday.Actually,we went for family times and used his vehicle so now I am trap at home with the baby.Can't go anywhere.
I got my own consequences from not listening my husband.He's been warning me not to get into much over the computer but my hardheaded self didn't listen .Recently,I've been suffering quite headaches.Now,I am trying to avoid to exploit myself .I don't care if I don't get money online no more.I figured it is not worth it for my time or that must be an understatement but not worth it for my baby.I've noticed that last few times when I am into making money thought,I neglected my baby who the most reason of me staying home.Sorry anak ko.Mama tried so much.And guys,thanks for keep coming and visiting.

Friday, August 8, 2008


Today is still early and my brain still on the verge of recollecting what was going on recently.I know,I've been quite for awhile.I was just trying to take a break for a little bit.Although it was quite hard not to touch my computer yet I figured I needed to.I've been controlled by it,I though.My day wont be perfect if I could not make it to work.So,last few days,I decided I had enough and took a days off.Yeah right,days off for 1 and half day.Wheew!was hard.Well,I was partly successful eventhough I tried very hard not even think about it and looked at it.So now I'm back.And refresh I hope.Only I lost lots of opps and didn't make some bucks yet I am happy and I don't care if I don't make money online for my first reason of blogging anyway is to make some friends and just venting my "what's going on" in my daily basis.
I had so much fun with my babe and baby.We went out and had our first pro family pics.I am excited to get it and as long as I can,I'll share some of it for you guys.Also,we went to asian store and bought alot of oriental food which I craved so much such as;long beans,phil eggplants,mango,sayote,gabe(taro),pansit,bihon,etc etc etc.
Well,thats all for now folks and see u around.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Food is one of our basic needs in life.Therefore,a hungry stomach will willing to do anything just to get feed.
I don't want to blame my baby here however,having baby is absolutely a heck of a change.Change your mode of living and most of all always a change of our thinking.In one particular moment we can be washing dishes,a minute later,leave it for baby is crying.Then forgot about it and start another chores,then baby's crying again and leave it and forgot it.
Wouldn't you believe?See,I have a proof.I was so hungry so I tried to make mongo beans into tender so I can make soup out of it.I fill this skillet quarter cup of said beans and half skillet of water.Got destructed by the baby and the moment I recalled what I had started it was late.My mongo beans full of water turned into unrecognized dark stuff inside the skillet.No wonder hubby complained about the smell.If he hadn't say anything about the smell,my mongo beans probably turned into ash...It's already burnt so bad..Well,I had no choice than to postpone my soup cooking and ended up eating jelly sandwich.My bad!

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